Dental care with STAY-Clean™

STAY-Clean™, a special supplement of highly soluble vitamin C for LEONARDO® dry food, has been shown to reduce the growth of plaque-forming bacteria. LEONARDO® dry food – especially the large croquettes of LEONARDO® Adult Maxi GF – encourages chewing and scouring of plaque. LEONARDO® moist food is not pureed. The natural chunkiness of the meat has been retained to encourage chewing.


Dental problems are near the top of the list of reasons for a cat to visit the vet.

Cats that primarily eat pureed moist food are particularly prone to dental problems, because their teeth are no longer sufficiently employed when eating. The natural teeth-cleaning process that takes place when eating is virtually absent and increased levels of plaque form on the teeth. Fighting plaque formation through food is a very important part of dental care.

Dental care is an important feature of the LEONARDO® product range.

STAY-Clean™ is applied to the surface of LEONARDO® croquettes. This means it can get to work straight away, preventing any bacteria from multiplying. This is particularly important for cats because, as meat eaters, they chew very little when eating.

Many of the dental care products used by humans would therefore be ineffective in cat food, because they need to be rubbed into the enamel of the teeth for 2 to 3 minutes to be effective.

LEONARDO® dry food with STAY-Clean™ makes an effective contribution to feline dental care.

(STAY-Clean™ is a registered trademark of DSM Nutritional Products AG)