That's how LEONARDO® is made

Moist and dry food from the same company

Not many companies are in a position to make their own dry and moist cat food. Traditionally, producers have used meat meal to make dry food and fresh meat to make moist food. As a result, the two production processes are very different.

Learn more about the exclusive Thermal-Mix-Procedure, used for the production of LEONARDO® cat food:

LEONARDO® cat food is a whole lot different

At our production site in the Münsterland region we use fresh meat to make both moist and dry food. The advantage of preparing our own fresh meat comes from having direct access to local suppliers. This means we have a direct influence on quality and can select meat that satisfies our high standards.

Learn more about the production of LEONARDO® wet cat food:

It pays to compare: LEONARDO® cat food contains the extra portion of fresh meat!