Moist and dry food

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Super Premium cat food

Creating something special with passion

Our LEONARDO Super Premium cat food is produced in Germany from high-quality ingredients - without artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. And naturally without animal testing! We are able to use ingredients that would not be available to multinational pet food corporations in sufficient quantities, if at all. Therefore, you can also find innovative ingredients in our pet food like krill, grape seed flour or STAY-CleanTM.

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What determines a good cat food?

The ingredients make the difference

Since it is all about the flavour and naturalness of our recipes, we have refined every single recipe with the best ingredients. Supplemented with many vital components, every LEONARDO recipe contributes to the wellness of the cat, i.e. with additional protection of the teeth against harmful plaque formation, support of gentle hairball transition or the additional support of the immune system of indoor cats.

A holistic approach

LEONARDO is the outcome of a holistic nutritional concept, maintaining the cat’s vitality through naturally balanced ingredients.

That's how LEONARDO is made

LEONARDO cat food is a whole lot different.

At our production site in the Münsterland region, we use fresh meat to produce both moist and dry food. The advantage of preparing our own fresh meat comes from having direct access to local suppliers.

This means we have a direct influence on quality and can select meat that satisfies our high standards.

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A quality taste your cat will enjoy.

Cats, like their counterparts in the wild, are genuine carnivores. This is why we use only fresh meat products.

Thanks to the high biological value of these products, your cat will need a comparatively small amount to meet its daily nutritional requirements.